Oak Tree
Jackson Oaks Neighborhood Rockford, Illinois
Real. Original. Rockford Illinois USA
American Flag
Birds Eye View of Camp Grant
Birds Eye View of Camp Grant
Railroad Depot - Camp Grant
Birds-eye View of Medical Section, Camp Grant, Ill
Kitchen's - Camp Grant
Mess Line, Camp Grant
News from Home, Camp Grant, Ill
Strike One - Camp Grant
Flower Garden, Recruit Reception Center
Barracks, Recruit Reception Center
Army Barricks, Camp Grant
Air View of Camp Grant
Service Club - Camp Grant
Officers Club - Camp Grant
St. Mary's Chapel - Camp Grant
Exterior, The Chapel in the trees, St. Pauls Chapel - Camp Grant
St. Paul's Church Interior - Camp Grant
Teaching The Hurdles Camp Grant Rockford, Illinois
Medicakl Center Barracks - Camp Grant
Hospital Ward - Camp Grant
Medical Training Center - Camp Grant
U.S. Post Office, Camp Grant  Rockford, Illinois
Soldiers Leaving Camp Grant
Divisional Headquarters,  Camp Grant,  Rockford, Illinois
Camp Grant Illinois 1918
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Post Office, Camp Grant Ill
Recreation, Camp Grant, Ill
Reception Center Sign, Camp Grant, Ill
Wash Day Camp Grant IL
Division Headquarters  Camp Grant, IL
Clean Up After Mess  Rockford, IL
Setting Up Excercise  Caqmp Grant, IL
Mess Hall, Camp Grant, Ill
Post Exchange, Camp Grant, Ill
Dormitory at Camp Grant  Rockford, IL
"Charge!"- Strenous excercise Camp Grant, Rockford, IL
Fourth of July Parade in Rockford of Camp Grant Troops
Simulated Injury
Camouflage Gun  Camp Grant