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Here is a postcard that was issued by the Social Security Administration in August of 1966. I found it amusing to think that we could do this at one time and not worry about it. Now with identity theft running rampant 40+ years later, I know I would not mail this card.
Social Security Postcard
Would You Mail This Postcard ?
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Ekberg's Dry Good's Store  Rockford, IL
National Lock Company  Rockford, IL
Club House at Forest Hills Golf Course  Rockford, IL
National Avenue  Rockford, IL
Seventh Street looking North 1906  Rockford, IL
Water Works Park  Rockford, IL
East State Street at the I-90 Entrance  Rockford, IL
East State Street at the I-90 Entrance  Rockford, IL
Downtown Mall. The sculpture "Symbol" on the East end of the downtown mall at State and Wyman Streets  Rockford, IL
Greetings from Rockford, IL
Residence View of National Avenue