Oak Tree
Jackson Oaks Neighborhood Rockford, Illinois
Real. Original. Rockford Illinois USA
American Flag
Camp Grant Greetings
Camp Grant was a U.S. Army facility located in the southern outskirts of Rockford, Illinois, named in honor of General Ulysses S. Grant. Camp Grant, which at one point consisted of over 18,000 acres, was in operation from 1917 to the late 1940's.
Setting Up Exercise - Camp Grant 1917
Army Bake Ovens - Camp Grant 1917
Husky Huskers of the U.S. Army
The Parade Grounds, Camp Grant
New C. B. & Q. Railroad Depot 1917
Camp Grant Pumping Plant
Knights of Columbus Hall - Camp Grant
Red Cross Building - Camp Grant
Y.M.C.A. Building - Camp Grant
On the road to Camp Grant
Main Street Entering Camp Grant Rockford, Illinois
Issuing Initial Outfit - Recruit Reception Center
Section Of Barracks,  Camp Grant,  Rockford, illinois
Section of Birds-eye view, Camp Grant, Rockford,Illinois
Mess Room in the Cantoment Barracks
Sleeping Quarters - Camp Grant 1917
Reading Manual of Arms, Camp Grant
Pitching "Pup" Tents On Field Exercises, Camp Grant
Camp Grant Signal Practice Rockford, Illinois
Field Kitchen at the Rifle Range
Military Bridge over Rock River - Camp Grant 1917
Viaduct to Rifle Range - Camp Grant 1917
The Bell Bowl at Camp Grant
Section of Hospital Unit - Camp Grant
Base Hospital Rec Room - Camp Grant
Guard House - Camp Grant
Typical Barracks  Camp Grant  Rockford, Illinois
Indoor Baseball  Camp Grant  Rockford, Illinois
Ready to Charge the Enemy - Camp Grant
Saturday Afternoon Wrestling, Camp Grant, Rockford, Illinois
Everybody's happy - lots of fun, dancing. Camp Grant
Special Entertainment at Recreation Hall - Camp Grant
A.L.A. Library - Camp Grant
Y.M.C.A. Auditorium, Camp Grant,  Rockford, Illinois
Arrival at Recruit Reception Center, Camp Grant, Ill
Target Practice, Camp Grant Ill
On Review, Camp Grant, Ill
Residence of Commanding Officer - Camp Grant
Fire Brigade, Camp Grant, Ill
Plenty of Bread, Camp Grant, Ill
Roosevelt at Camp Grant, Ill
Officers Club, Camp Grant, Ill
Liberty Theater, Camp Grant, Ill
Y.W.C.A. Hostess House, Camp Grant, Ill
Salvation Army Hut, Camp Grant, Ill
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